Shareholder Profile

The following Information was last up-dated on 13th August 2014 and will be updated
every six months.

  • Total Issued Share Capital ("TISC") - 220,515,112 Ordinary Shares of 1p each 
  • Significant shareholders are:
Shareholder Shares  
Lynchwood Nominees Limited 8,318,070 3.77%
Kennedy Private Trust Company Limited as trustees of the Kennedy Family Discretionary Settlement. 8,823,529 4.00%
Mr Kevin Bernard Moran 11,256,916 5.10%
Rock Nominees Limited 14,418,260 6.54%
Fitel Nominees Limited 54,992,821 24.94%
Streetwise Limited 76,297,354 34.60%

Percentage of shares not in public hands: 78.95%

There are no restrictions on the trading of the Company’s shares

The company does not have securities admitted or traded on any other exchange or trading platform other than AIM.

Company Information

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