Formation Group Plc (NEX Exchange : FRM), headquartered in East London, is an NEX Exchange listed Company focused on property activities which includes property development, property investment and professional construction management services for small and medium scale building projects in London and the City periphery.

The Company’s portfolio includes both new builds and conversion projects, and is also diversified through a limited exposure to commercial work and the rental sector.

The management team combines significant Plc experience with property expertise. The Company is well positioned to exploit a buoyant London residential property market, and believes that the newly added property development division will form a substantial part of its profitability in the future.

Professional Construction Management

This division consists of Formation Design & Build Ltd (“FD&B” established in 1997) & Formation Construction Ltd (“FCL“ established in 2012), and operates from offices in Hackney, London. Both companies manage residential, mixed use property development projects and oversee all stages of the development process. Potential target sites are identified, evaluated, designed, built and managed through to completion. The companies have skills in quantity surveying, construction and civil engineering and construction management.

As a consequence of FD&B & FCL’s project management projects, the Group is also able to offer bespoke property investments to the Group’s client base and the wider investment community.

Property Development

Formation Homes (London) Ltd was formed in 2014 to carry out property development activity as it was felt that it would form a large part of future profits for the Group and enhance shareholder value in the medium term. As part of this, Formation Homes acquired the development site in Iverson Road for a total consideration of £5.9 million using a mixture of development funding and cash from the Group’s resources. The scheme comprises 19 residential units and 1 commercial unit and construction works and was completed in March 2016. It is expected that future developments would be sourced for this company using cash return from this development and profits share returns on property investing activities.

Property Investment

Formation Group Plc has over the years invested in lucrative Joint Venture Agreements such as the Aldgate Development and entered into Profit Share Agreements including the Whitechapel Development and more recently the Norwich House Development. Profits arising from these investing activities have been material, particularly Norwich House. It is the Group’s intention to continue with these ventures and eye other potential lucrative investment opportunities.